Thank You For Your 2020 Census Efforts

On February 12th, the USCB released an announcement ​that the data used for redistricting will be distributed to the states “by September 30th”. Once the data is received, it must be adjusted in compliance with Maryland law to have incarcerated individuals reallocated to their last known address. This is required at the local and municipal level as well as the congressional and state level. We are prepared to have that process begin as soon as we receive the data and estimate that it may take at least an additional 30 days to accomplish completion of this task before final data is available.

While the process of the 2020 Census was not what we anticipated, the outcome was better than we’d even hoped. Not only did Maryland surpass our 2010 self-response rate, we surpassed many of our expectations. Four Maryland counties finished in the top 100 of the nation’s 3215 counties for self-response and our state finished solidly in 9th place in the nation! In Maryland, there were 21 counties and 91 municipalities that were able to meet or beat their 2010 self-response rates. That’s something to be proud of, and we know that it was the hard work of so many of you that made it possible.

The Maryland Department of Planning extends our sincerest gratitude to our statewide Complete Count Committee (CCC) for their leadership and commitment to the 2020 Census. We also would like to thank the local CCCs for their outstanding dedication to reaching every household possible in their jurisdictions. Many of you had significant challenges beyond what COVID-19 added to the mix - yet you confronted them head-on to reach those households that were the hardest to count. The extension of our gratitude would not be complete without acknowledging the many Census Ambassadors and Maryland Census Champions who sought to help those who might not otherwise have completed their forms. Further, we are deeply grateful for the outstanding support we had from multiple state agencies and many organizations whose partnerships allowed us to reach even more communities. Each and every one of you made a difference in countless lives of Marylanders. In a contact-free world, you have found so many ways to figuratively touch the future.

We were honored to work with you on the many projects, events, and efforts along this journey. And again, thank you for your commitment and dedication to the 2020 Census!

Governor's Office