Maryland 2020 Census Champions

​A Maryland Census Champion is a person or group that has gone above and beyond in spreading the Census message in their community. Census Champions have devised innovative ways to get their community engaged in completing the Census. The individual or group being nominated could be a member of a local complete committee, a faith leader, a business leader/owner, or even someone in the community making a difference. We will post the recipients of the Census Champion in our weekly Census Newsletter and on social media.

Download the Census Champion Nomination form (Microsoft Word or Acrobat Fillable Form) and nominate a champion in your community today.

Maryland's Census Champions

Ray Dintino

Color Craft Business Printing

May 29, 2020

Our first Census Champion designated is Ray Dintino, owner and operator of ColorCraft Business Printing, Inc. in Millersville. ColorCraft is a small business enterprise and Ray is a veteran.

​Jordyn Kuczak

Worcester County

June 5, 2020

Jordyn Kuczak is the Communication Technology Assistant to the Public Relations and Special Events Coordinator at the Worcester County Board of Education and is the education representative to the Worcester County Complete Count Committee. "From the very start Jordyn stepped up to the plate to design all of the 'branding' for 2020 Census Worcester campaign while managing her responsibilities at the Board of Education. Jordyn has designed pull-up banners, table runners, table tents, flyers, register receipts, banners and social media posts." states Kelly Henry, Complete Count Coordinator for Worcester County.

​Dr. Richard Midcap

President, Garrett College

June 5, 2020

Dr. Richard Midcap is the President of Garrett College. Thomas Vose, Director of the Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County and Census Coordinator for the county has this say about Dr. Midcap: "Dr. Midcap has been exemplary in his support of the Census project in Garrett County, working closely with the Bureau to deliver campus figures, volunteering the use of his space and staff for an in-person Census site, and ensuring that Census promotional materials are included in his marketing and website."


​Shawna Kearsley

Crisfield Arts Syndicate, Somerset County

June 5, 2020

Shawna Kearsley, Executive Director of the Crisfield Arts Syndicate, used her social media skills and community connections to create a Census film challenge, regularly post on social media, and organize food distribution for the residents in Crisfield. She was always quick to provide input and solutions, and took every opportunity to hand out flyers, talk about the Census, and post encouragements on social media. Kristen M. Tremblay, Census Coordinator for Somerset County, has this to say about Shawna, "I feel blessed to have had her as part of the team, and am glad to have met her throughout this process. I now have a friend for life!"


​Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Pastor Carroll Linwood Mills,
Somerset County

June 5, 2020

Pastor Carroll Linwood Mills as the leader of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church is more than a leader, he is an inspiration. He attended all of Somerset County's Complete Count Committee meetings. Under Pastor Mills' leadership, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church led food distribution mission where church members took the opportunity to hand out hundreds of flyers and census related materials to residents in need. Pastor Mills always brought a smile, and his team of volunteers were like a well-oiled machine. "I had the opportunity to get to know him and his parishioners and feel more connected to my community as a result. Somerset County is lucky to have him," said Kristen Tremblay, Census Coordinator for Somerset County.

​Sara Arnold

Carroll County Public Library

June 12, 2020

Sara Arnold, Carroll County Public Library, is Library Associate II at the Mt. Airy branch. She has attended state and national workshops and conferences on the topic of community preparation for the U.S. Census. Sara has trained Carroll County Public Library staff on how libraries can engage and support Census efforts and is involved in the Maryland Library Association and its Future of Libraries Task Force. She serves as an active member of the Carroll Census Education, Youth, and Libraries workgroup and as co-chair of the Seniors workgroup. She offered two training sessions for community partners on Census 2020, the new online census form, and how best to provide assistance to the people they serve. Sara has gone above and beyond all expectations with keen insights, high-quality efforts, and ability to strengthen community collaboration.

​Dave Battaglia

Clear Channel

June 12, 2020

Dave Battaglia has been an outstanding asset to the Maryland Department of Planning's marketing efforts for the 2020 Census. He has gone above and beyond in assisting the State of Maryland reach hard-to-count communities to encourage Census completion. We applaud his commitment and perseverance during these challenging times and thank him for his continued dedication.

​Courtney Brohawn

Frederick County

June 19, 2020 

Courtney Brohawn is the Project Coordinator for the Frederick County Public Libraries. She serves on the Frederick County Complete County Committee and has been a powerful supporter of our efforts to reach out to residents of Frederick County. As a member of the CCC, she played a vital role in developing strategies to communicate the importance of completing the Census to our community. Early on in our efforts, she printed and posted fliers, localized for our audience, in all of the libraries to encourage everyone to complete the census. When our CCC created Census stickers for restaurants throughout Frederick County to place on carry-out meals, Courtney was the first person to reach out to the restaurants and obtain their approval to use the stickers.

​Amanda Hailey

Wicomico County

June 19, 2020


Amanda has been a tremendous asset to the Wicomico County Complete Count Committee as she coordinates with all of the local nonprofit organizations through her network at United Way. She has been present at all of Wicomico County's CCC meetings and was a coordinator with our Party with a Purpose Census promotion event, although it was cancelled due to the pandemic.


​Edward Lee

Wicomico County

June 19, 2020

As Chairman of the Wicomico County 2020 Census Faith Based Sub-Committee, Mr. Lee has been the point of contact from our steering the Wicomico County Complete Count Committee for all faith-based organizations and has been the lead organizer of our Faith based Community breakfast and dinner meetings with leaders.

Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley

City of Cambridge/Dorchester County

June 26, 2020
Victoria Jackson-Stanley, Mayor of the city of Cambridge and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, was nominated by Nancy Shockley, Chair of the Dorchester County Complete Count Committee. Mayor Stanley was nominated for this honor because of her tremendous dedication and effort to community outreach. Mayor Stanley has worked tirelessly to share Census messaging in every interaction she has with the public as Mayor and actively participated in the county's CCC meetings. Through her various leadership roles and other community connections, her outreach efforts go far beyond the borders of Dorchester County.

Dr. Branté Dashiell

Wicomico County

June 26, 2020
As Co-Chair of the Salisbury-Wicomico Complete Count Committee (CCC), Dr. Branté Dashiell has gone above and beyond promoting, creating, and encouraging participation in the Census. While a full time educator in Wicomico County, Dr. Dashiell attends every CCC meeting, encouraging members to support a strong and complete Census count in Wicomico County. "Branté, with assistance from Co-Chair Sonya Whited, are the heartbeat of the Census in Wicomico County," said Jesse Drewer on behalf of the Wicomico County CCC.


Karen Monteith

Town of Denton/Caroline County

June 26, 2020

​Karen Monteith, Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of Denton, has been the town's representative to the Caroline County Census team from the start. Karen has submitted grants for getting the Census messaging out to county and town residents and has involved staff to continually post Census information on the town's website.


Michael Kent

Calvert County​

July 2, 2020 

Michael Kent continually reaffirms his commitment to persuade all his colleagues in his network to respond to Census 2020. It is woven into every action he undertakes. He has aligned his narrative to show the need of every county resident to be counted, and to bring in more federal funds for public health and economic development. Michael has consistently shared his knowledge of how to reach certain hard-to-reach communities, including the black and illiterate populations. He has spoken to numerous community groups about the importance of the Census, emphasizing family history as a way to convince people how important it is to participate. Michael participated in the Calvert County 2020 Census public service announcement video. He has been a true asset to the county's complete count committee.


Councilmember Deni Taveras

Prince George's County

July 2, 2020

​Councilmember Deni Taveras (Prince George's County, District 2) has been, and continues to be, an energetic voice in messaging the crucial need of a complete Census count. She has made public press appearances to educate her constituents, many considered to be in hard-to-count communities. The Councilmember’s office has made achieving an accurate Census count a major priority, demonstrated by their offering of a Census phone bank training designed to teach volunteers to provide real-time information, in English and Spanish, to community members who need assistance completing their census form. Councilmember Taveras is an active member of the Maryland Latino Census Coalition. She has involved not only non-profit organizations in the area but also other government agencies, faith based organizations, and institutions of higher education. Simply said, Councilmember Taveras involves everyone in the community.


Sonya Whited

Wicomico County

July 2, 2020

​As Co-Chair of the Salisbury-Wicomico Complete Count Committee, Sonya has gone above and beyond in promoting, creating, and encouraging the Census and ways for residents to complete it. She is always promoting Census events and videos on her many Facebook pages and, with assistance from Co-Chair Dr. Brante Dashiell, is the heartbeat of the Census in Wicomico County!


Daryl Boffman and staff at Frederick County Public Schools

Frederick County

July 2, 2020​

Daryl Boffman, executive director of public affairs, and his team from the Frederick County Public Schools are playing a valuable role in reaching out to the families and students in Frederick County communicating the value of completing the 2020 Census. Daryl serves as a member of the county's complete count committee. From the beginning of the county’s efforts, Daryl never hesitated to answer calls for help with projects. He was the point person for the effort to insert Census information into the meals being provided to students before and during COVID-19. Most recently, he suggested inserting fliers into report cards of those students attending schools where the largest hard-to-count population reside. Through the efforts of many Frederick County Public Schools employees, fliers went to more than 11,000 students and their families.